The St. Lucie County Tax Collector's Office no longer issues tax certificate redemptions via traditional paper checks. All tax certificate redemptions will be issued electronically and processed via Automated Clearing House (ACH), also referred to as direct deposit. Completing and submitting an Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit is mandatory, as the office is no longer writing traditional checks to bidders as of March 31, 2017. The office will hold all funds until it receives the completed form. Once the completed form is received, the office will issue the funds via ACH. Please return the Agreement to Wendy Miller by email to or by fax to 772-462-3554 as soon as possible.

The St. Lucie County Tax Collector uses LienExpress™ to sell county held Tax Certificates. Registered users can use LienExpress to purchase county held Tax Certificates via electronic check (ACH Debit).

What are Tax Certificates?

A Tax Certificate is a first lien against real estate (not the owner) and may become the basis of a Tax Deed Application. The sale of a Tax Certificate is NOT a sale of real property, nor does a Tax Certificate give the certificate-holder a direct means to acquire a property. According to Florida Statute, the holder of a Tax Certificate may not directly, through an agent or otherwise initiate contact with the owner of property upon which they hold the certificate to encourage or demand payment for two years.

In order to purchase county held Tax Certificates, all users must:

  1. Register with LienExpress by submitting contact information and creating a user id and password.
  2. Fill out an IRS Form W9.
  3. Obtain a St. Lucie County bidder number, or look up an existing number.
  4. Review available county held Tax Certificates, and add them to the LienExpress "shopping cart."
  5. "Check Out" and submit electronic payment for the certificate purchases.

For more information on real estate taxes, see the St. Lucie County Tax Collector's web site.

For more information on delinquent taxes and tax certificates, please see the relevant Florida Statutes.